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Medical exam of Johan
Video duration: 45 min / Photos: 216 / Added: 2016-10-16
For Johan, there was nothing more embarrassing than getting nude in front of someone he didn''t know. To his surprise, the female doctor told Johan that his physical would have to be performed naked. There was no way out of it, Johan had to subject himself to her orders and took his clothes off. She closely and slowly inspected every inch of his nude body and spending even more time carefully examining his private parts. Johan could do nothing as she touched and poked his asshole and feeling the sensation of embarrassment coming over him as she probed his ass with cold metal instruments!

Medical exam of Kenzo
Video duration: 37 min / Photos: 286 / Added: 2016-10-09
The was nothing that Kenzo feared, not even visiting the doctors. When he met the doctor and realized that she was a female instead of a male, he didn''t think too much of it, until she asked him to take each piece of clothing off so that she could better exam his young body! Feeling shy and nervous, he begged for a male doctor to replace her. But there was no male doctors available to give Kenzo his exam. He stood there naked while being stared at by his woman doctor as she started his embarrassing full body exam.

Medical exam of Vaclav
Video duration: 18 min / Photos: 157 / Added: 2016-10-02
Vaclav had to go through a medical inspection because of his desire to get marry. His fVaclavcee demanded evidences of his health and fertility especially. For such an affair Vaclav was ready to do everything, standing all strange procedures made by the physicVaclav and fulfill commands obediently. Vaclav believed that the doctor could help him...

Medical exam of 5 Boys
Video duration: 25 min / Photos: 196 / Added: 2016-09-25
We invite boys of 18 years old for medical checkup on behalf Defence Department. We make it every autumn and spring on annual basis. It is an usual practice. Our medical examination include a lot of tests. We reserch every corner of young bodies. Our general medical tests include: Checkup of breathing and blood pressure; Test of muscle and skeleton development; Physical examination of feet; Test of body`s temperature (rectal); Checkup of dick, balls and anus; Test of erection, cum and disinfection.

Medical exam of Grisha
Video duration: 19 min / Photos: 145 / Added: 2016-09-18
Grisha has come to the doctor to check if there abnormalities in his rectum. He read about hemorrhoids a lot at the last time and felt himself worried. The proctologist has promised to Grisha the full, thorough examination and kept his word. Some things he did were weird, like using of vibrator, but said that it wouldn't pain. That mean worked out!

Medical exam of Tobias
Video duration: 33 min / Photos: 261 / Added: 2016-09-11
Tobias was patiently waiting in the doctors waiting area, unknown to what horrible nightmare was about to happen when they called him to come back into the room. He walked in the patients room where he met the doctor. He was horrified to find out that the doctor was a female! As Tobias stood there feeling uneasy, his female doctor ordered him to get naked so she could do some tests. Tobias was in shock but complied with the doctors'' orders regardless. As he stood there, cold and naked, he could only imagine was what about to happen to him next!

Medical exam of Arab
Video duration: 32 min / Photos: 248 / Added: 2016-09-04
With no where to run, Arab had to stand there and endure all of the degrading and humiliating acts of his full body exam. The female doctor grab, tugged, and poked all over Arabís young naked body. He felt so embarrassed that he couldn''t even look the doctor in her eyes, he felt so ashamed. Arab wanted to be anywhere but there at that moment but he was helpless and no where to go. He bent over upon his doctors orders and tolerated every object that was asked into his tight ass!

Medical exam of Verner
Video duration: 17 min / Photos: 204 / Added: 2016-08-28
When Verner has come to the doctor, he didn't even suspect what was awaited him. And, really, how can the consulting room be the place of unique pleasure? Let's see: a typical physical examination, everything goes normal: But Verner turned out to be incredibly horny boy, the action of the doctor made him stiff, and he squirt his sperm for last analysis with unbounded joy.

Medical exam of Marco
Video duration: 38 min / Photos: 281 / Added: 2016-08-21
When Marco was told that he had to get his yearly check up, he was nervous. He had remembered the last time he had to go in to the doctors for his last checkup and how embarrassed he was when the female doctor told him to take all of his clothes off. He wasn''t looking forward to going to see the doctor again, but knew that he had to face his fears of possibly being humiliated once more. Though afraid of what would happen this time, Marco went in to his appointment anyways.

Medical exam of Gogi
Video duration: 59 min / Photos: 273 / Added: 2016-08-14
Gogi was uncertain with what was going to happen during his exam, but he would soon find out that it was going to a nightmare come true! He was asked to get naked so that the doctor could give him a full body exam. The female doctor put her hands on his cock and Gogi started feel embarrassed. He was letting the doctor perform embarrassing acts on him. She pulled on his cock and closely inspected it, then moving on to examining the inside of his asshole!

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