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Check-up of breathing and pressure; Test of muscle and skeleton development; Physical examination of feet; Test of body`s temperature (rectal); Check-up of dick (cervix inspection) and balls; Rectal examination (anal probes, palpation and speculums); Prostata massage; Shaving; Test of erection, cum and disinfection.

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Medical exam of Vyacheslav
Video duration: 19 min / Photos: 159 / Added: 2016-11-27
Vyacheslav was an exemplary patient: he didn't disturb the doctor with stupid question and did everything he was asked. He went through the deepest, prolonged palpation with no complaints, and extracted sperm for a test as a genuine jerker. If all the patients were the same, doctors would enjoy their work!

Medical exam of Sladomir
Video duration: 38 min / Photos: 295 / Added: 2016-11-20
Sladomir had no idea that a routine doctors visit could turn into such a horrible nightmare! He met his doctor and became shy when he found out it was woman doctor! He felt uncomfortable around females in general and now he had to strip nude for one. The thought of his woman doctor looking and touching his young naked body, made Sladomir nervous and he became even more shy. He didn''t know what to expect but he knew that it would be an uncomfortable experience that he will soon never forget!

Medical exam of Lotus
Video duration: 45 min / Photos: 345 / Added: 2016-11-13
Lotus was having some troubles with achieving erections and decided to pay a doctor a visit. When he found out that his doctor would be a woman, he was nervous and wondered how he would feel discussing his problem with her. She ordered him to get naked and to stroke his cock in order to release seman into a cup she gave him so she can take samples. He sat down and tried his best to get an erection but was too embarrassed to continue. As much as he wanted to get out that exam room, he knew he couldn''t!

Medical exam of Ladya
Video duration: 18 min / Photos: 155 / Added: 2016-11-06
The dean of the faculty on which Ladya studies declared that hemorrhoids is very dangerous disease, probably, the disease of the century, that's why all students (especially diligent ones) should be examined physically as soon as possible. Ladya was an obedient student, so he was in the front line among those who carried out the dean's order: Nothing could stop them, even perversity of doctor's actions.

Medical exam of Luter
Video duration: 39 min / Photos: 298 / Added: 2016-10-30
Luter was at school when he wasn''t feeling so well. He was sent to the nurses office where they told him that he should see the doctor. When he arrived at the doctors office, they put him a small examining room and told him to strip naked and wait for the doctor to come in. As he sat there completely nude, he was shocked at what walked through the door...it was a woman doctor! Luter felt defenseless and helpless as her hands started to roam all of his young body.

Medical exam of Pasha
Video duration: 17 min / Photos: 148 / Added: 2016-10-23
Pasha has visited the doctor for usual physical examination but got very unusual service. Measurement of the dick was odd by itself and when the doctor took a razor, Pasha was literally shocked. But the more interesting thing expected him further. The doctor offered the very new service...

Medical exam of Johan
Video duration: 45 min / Photos: 216 / Added: 2016-10-16
For Johan, there was nothing more embarrassing than getting nude in front of someone he didn''t know. To his surprise, the female doctor told Johan that his physical would have to be performed naked. There was no way out of it, Johan had to subject himself to her orders and took his clothes off. She closely and slowly inspected every inch of his nude body and spending even more time carefully examining his private parts. Johan could do nothing as she touched and poked his asshole and feeling the sensation of embarrassment coming over him as she probed his ass with cold metal instruments!

Medical exam of Kenzo
Video duration: 37 min / Photos: 286 / Added: 2016-10-09
The was nothing that Kenzo feared, not even visiting the doctors. When he met the doctor and realized that she was a female instead of a male, he didn''t think too much of it, until she asked him to take each piece of clothing off so that she could better exam his young body! Feeling shy and nervous, he begged for a male doctor to replace her. But there was no male doctors available to give Kenzo his exam. He stood there naked while being stared at by his woman doctor as she started his embarrassing full body exam.

Medical exam of Vaclav
Video duration: 18 min / Photos: 157 / Added: 2016-10-02
Vaclav had to go through a medical inspection because of his desire to get marry. His fVaclavcee demanded evidences of his health and fertility especially. For such an affair Vaclav was ready to do everything, standing all strange procedures made by the physicVaclav and fulfill commands obediently. Vaclav believed that the doctor could help him...

Medical exam of 5 Boys
Video duration: 25 min / Photos: 196 / Added: 2016-09-25
We invite boys of 18 years old for medical checkup on behalf Defence Department. We make it every autumn and spring on annual basis. It is an usual practice. Our medical examination include a lot of tests. We reserch every corner of young bodies. Our general medical tests include: Checkup of breathing and blood pressure; Test of muscle and skeleton development; Physical examination of feet; Test of body`s temperature (rectal); Checkup of dick, balls and anus; Test of erection, cum and disinfection.

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