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Medical exam of Marco
Video duration: 38 min / Photos: 281 / Added: 2016-08-21
When Marco was told that he had to get his yearly check up, he was nervous. He had remembered the last time he had to go in to the doctors for his last checkup and how embarrassed he was when the female doctor told him to take all of his clothes off. He wasn''t looking forward to going to see the doctor again, but knew that he had to face his fears of possibly being humiliated once more. Though afraid of what would happen this time, Marco went in to his appointment anyways.

Medical exam of Gogi
Video duration: 59 min / Photos: 273 / Added: 2016-08-14
Gogi was uncertain with what was going to happen during his exam, but he would soon find out that it was going to a nightmare come true! He was asked to get naked so that the doctor could give him a full body exam. The female doctor put her hands on his cock and Gogi started feel embarrassed. He was letting the doctor perform embarrassing acts on him. She pulled on his cock and closely inspected it, then moving on to examining the inside of his asshole!

Medical exam of Kamil
Video duration: 17 min / Photos: 153 / Added: 2016-08-07
Kamil was sure he had tumors or abnormalities of the prostate gland. He looked sad and alarmed, so the physician decided to examine the rectum using all tools available with sex-toys included. When the procedure was started, Kamil felt he get hard. Without ceremony, he started to please himself manually.

Medical exam of Zahary
Video duration: 32 min / Photos: 250 / Added: 2016-07-31
The doctor needed to do a full inspection of Zahary''s body and she left no part unexamined! The more the female doctor touched his nude body, the more shy and uncomfortable Zahary felt. He felt extremely embarrassed when the doctor started to closely inspect and exam his dick and balls. When he was asked to bend over and spread his ass cheeks, the humiliation started to set in for Zahary. Not knowing what the doctor was about to do to him, he waited nervously as she became to probe inside of his asshole with various objects!

Medical exam of Martin
Video duration: 27 min / Photos: 212 / Added: 2016-07-24
Martin was very shy for group medical checkup. To be naked in front of many people was a shame for him, but he was ready for that because he expected it. Martin had heard a lot of stories from his older brother. But his brother did not tell him about all the tests Martin had to be expected.

Medical exam of Clive
Video duration: 19 min / Photos: 202 / Added: 2016-07-17

Medical exam of Kirya
Video duration: 39 min / Photos: 303 / Added: 2016-07-10
Kirya had no idea how an exam could turn into a humiliating experience but he soon found out how! The doctor walked in and Kirya was shocked to find out that the doctor was a female that was going to be giving him the full body exam! His fears grew with every touch of her hands. He was uncertain to what all she would be doing to him and his nude body and that made him even more nervous. The doctor paid a lot of attention to his penis, balls and his ass. She did everything from tugging on his limp cock, to making him bend over and get the doctors fingers pushed deep inside of him!

Medical exam of Klim
Video duration: 17 min / Photos: 125 / Added: 2016-07-03
Klim had no idea that usual physical examination would be so strange. He even asked the doctor if anything is wrong with his rectum that it needs so intent checkup. Klim was answered that complains of tumors of the large intestine became more frequent, that is why all physicians should be more attentive towards this subject. The guy was really shocked to hear that, so he stood all following procedures with no complaints.

Medical exam of Milos
Video duration: 30 min / Photos: 220 / Added: 2016-06-26
With each touch of the female doctors hands, Milos grew more and more shy. He didn''t like the fact that the entire exam would require him to completely nude but there was nothing he could do about it. The doctor took her time, examining and doing test all over his young nude body. Milos had never known of a doctors exam that required him to not only be nude, but to have his penis touched and asshole invaded with medical instruments as well. This was going to be one of the most humiliating experiences of his life!

Medical exam of Bill
Video duration: 35 min / Photos: 266 / Added: 2016-06-19
Bill sat upon the exam table and let the female doctor perform the normal tests. The female doctor told Bill that she needed to perform a full body exam and would need the rest of his clothes removed so she could perform the necessary tests. Bill was a shy guy and this request from his doctor made him feel very uncomfortable and nervous! Bill didn''t know that the request to be fully naked was only the start of a humiliating nightmare that would seemingly go on forever, especially when he was ordered into doggystyle position and was asked to subject himself to the embarrassing rectal exam!

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